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Group Memberships

Group Membership

Schools, educational agencies or group of friends can sign up 10 or more individuals to avail Group Membership benefits at GoCampustoCorporate. This will bring about transformation in both learning and teaching. You will also gain access to year-round professional learning and endless networking opportunities. As a Group Member, you and your students will gain access to valuable information, resources, live events, educational opportunities, and great discounts.

GoCampustoCorporate's group membership is offered in three sizes: small, medium and large. Group memberships are a bundle of individual memberships with innumerable and unique benefits. Each group membership includes a free basic individual membership exclusively for your superintendent!

  • Professional Development – In one easy transaction at a discounted price, group membership provides professional development to your team. This on other hand saves both time and money
  • Amazing Resources – The members will have year-round access to the library of standards-based webinars and our leading – edge member magazine. The members will also receive discounts on materials and online courses.
  • Education Experts & Coaching – Members will get a chance to connect with education experts through exclusive communities that offer learning opportunities on specific topics such as .NET, Advance Java, ASP.NET, C++ and many others.

Group Membership Features

  • Group membership can be availed at any time of the year.
  • A group membership may include individual members with any course package or combination of packages.
  • One invoice will be created with a single grand total for the price of all course packages.
  • New individual members may be added to a group at any time with the permission of the designated group representative.
  • If a group member leaves your organization before the renewal date, a new team member may take their place.