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Learn from Expert Instructors

Shifting from real classroom setting to virtual classroom requires a different set of skills and different mindset. Our experienced instructors have in-depth knowledge in their respective fields and have a passion to share their expertise and knowledge with the world.

We understand learners need mentors, not just teachers. Our top-rated instructors have high academic and professional qualifications. They understand diversity and needs of today's learners. They use innovative, interactive and different ways to transfer their knowledge to students. They offer guidance when it comes to facilitating engaging discussion during live events, share ideas about bringing material to life and make sure students are gaining value from online learning.

What makes our instructors your best mentor?

Our instructors do not just have excellent teaching skills, but they also possess engaging personalities, have passion for teaching and love to invest in students to enhance their skills. So, what makes them your best mentor?

  • They are passionate: They are passionate about their subject, be it PHP or Photography. They are passionate about teaching, be it online or in a traditional classroom setting.
  • They are trained: Our instructors are trained in online teaching. They know online learning is not a social platform. It needs to be informative yet engaging. Our instructors use warm, informal tone in their live events or recorded courses to help students understand the subject better.
  • They are effective communicators: For online learning, the message must be delivered in an easy and effective way. Our instructors lead the online class with their great communication skills and help students become effective learners.
  • They are coaches and facilitators: In online education, students are non-traditional students. So our instructors become coaches and facilitators to help students become better in their respective field.

We believe in helping people achieve their personal and professional learning goals. You can learn more About Us here. Check out our online courses under the Courses category.